130W Amalgam UV-C

The unit is suitable for environments where consistency of powerful radiation is required at all times.

The 130 Watt Amalgam is the perfect choice for constant radiation that's not affected by changing temperatures of the water.


  • Including a flow switch to switch off the lamp when there is no sufficient water flow.
  • Equipped with a high-quality 130W Philips Amalgam lamp.
  • Amalgam lamps are less affected by temperature fluctuations in the water.
  • Generates a constant, powerful radiation.
  • Stainless steel body for maximum durability.
  • Including 63mm PVC unions with adaptors to 50mm/1½” fem. threading.

Technical specifications

Product code


UV-C lamp

Pond volume (L)

Max. flow (L/h)

Max. pressure


Amalgam UV-C 130W

130 Watt Amalgam



2 Bar


Catalogi Xclear Site 2021 EN

Xclear Water catalog 2022

The Xclear Water catalog of 2022 is filled with our UV-C systems for a clear pond. From small to larger ponds, we have the perfect solution to disinfect any kind of pond water. 

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