Disinfection products for offices

Working in a safe environment

A lot of people come together in offices. They share flex desks, get a cup of coffee, have lunch or are in a meeting. All of these places contain surfaces and air where microorganisms can spread and risk of contamination exists. Most of the time the cleaning is done by a professional who uses cleaning products. On first sight it looks like clean desks to work on. But if you look at microscopic level you will see that a lot of pathogens are still there. 

Kantoor Kl

Why use UV-C to disinfect?

Unlike cleaning agents, the Xclear Surface with UV-C technology ensures 100% disinfection if being used correctly. The UV light penetrates into the DNA of microorganisms, damages it and makes it impossible for them to reproduce. This way, further contamination is being prevented.

The products of Xclear are easy to use. In a few seconds a surface or sighs of air can be disinfected. It is a proven method to ensure disinfection of harmful microorganisms.