Disinfection products for ponds

Clear water

A pond can be a real eye-catcher. One of the most important things to do so is clear and clean water. A UV technology driven system can be the perfect solution to ensure clean water.

The UV-C radiation enters the DNA of (harmful) microorganisms. It damages the DNA and makes sure the microorganisms are enable to reproduce. This way, further spread and contamination is prevented. The water is safe for humans and fish. In addition, the amount of algae is greatly reduced or even removed, resulting in clear water. No more green ponds! 

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Xclear Catalogus 2024 Cover EN Stapel

Xclear Pond catalogue 2024

The Xclear Water catalogue of 2024 is filled with our UV-C systems for a clear pond. From small to larger ponds, we have the perfect solution to disinfect any kind of pond water. 

Xclear Catalogus 2024 EN or read our frequently asked questions