UV-C purifiers

UV-C purifiers pond
Adding an Xclear UV-C purifier to your pond filter system makes sure that algae, bacteria and viruses are removed from the water. This results in a crystal-clear pond with healthy fishes and plants.

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Pond supplies

Pond Supplies Fish Feeder
We offer a wide range of pond supplies that make it even easier for you to maintain your pond and look after your fish. For example the Automatic Fish Feeder.

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Water treatment

Water treatment Pond Support
Pond Support provides effective natural solutions for common pond problems. Whether it is to adjust the pH value, kH value or treatment for pond maintenance, Pond Support offers the solution.

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Xclear is a worldwide brand

Where to buy Xclear products?

Our passion is to keep improving our UV-C purifiers, pond filters and pond supplies. That’s why we focus on development and let our dealer network do what they can do best: create and deliver the best service and user experience. So please look for an Xclear dealer near you. No dealer in your surrounding? Contact us and we will help you.

Want to become an Xclear dealer? Please let us know, we are always looking to extend our network.

Why Xclear?

A pond makes your garden come to life. To make the life of your ornamental fish and pond plants the best as possible, it is required to keep your pond balanced and in perfect condition.

To ensure this, you have to rely on your filter technology every day. The Xclear UV-C purifiers and filters are the best solutions for keeping your pond water healthy and crystal clear. Next to these purifiers and filters we offer water treatment products and other pond supplies.

From a professional koi pond to a “do it yourself” pond; Xclear pond products are applicable for every pond.

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