Water disinfection

Why use UV-C for water cleaning?

A pond makes your garden come to life. To make the life of your ornamental fish and pond plants the best as possible, it is required to keep your pond balanced and in perfect condition.

To ensure this, you have to rely on your filter technology every day. The Xclear UV-C systems are the best solutions for keeping your pond water healthy and crystal clear. From a professional koi pond to a “do it yourself” pond; Xclear pond products are applicable for every pond.

Xclear Catalogus 2024 Cover EN Stapel

Xclear Pond catalogue 2024

The Xclear Water catalogue of 2024 is filled with our UV-C systems for a clear pond. From small to larger ponds, we have the perfect solution to disinfect any kind of pond water. 

Xclear Catalogus 2024 EN or read our frequently asked questions