AOP Compact Ozone + UV-C LP

The AOP Compact Ozone + UV-C LP is an excellent solution to combine ozone and low pressure UV-C in one unit.


The air pump pushes air past the combination lamp which produces about 0.6 grams of ozone per hour. The ozone loaded air is mixed with water in the static mixer where the oxidation process takes place. The water mixed with ozone is then pumped through the combination lamp again but now on the outside of the quartz glass. The water is exposed to UV-C radiation so that nearly all algae, bacteria and viruses are killed. The UV-C radiation will also break down any residual ozone changing it into OH- (Hydroxyl radicals) which have a very high oxidation potential for extra clarity of your water.


  • Including Venturi system and UV-C/Ozone combination lamp.
  • No residual ozone left in the water flowing out.
  • Reduces pathogens.
  • Reduces algae growth.
  • Removes organic matter.
  • Removes yellow colorants in the water.
  • Supports the performance of biological filters.
  • Reduces ammonia level.
  • Reduces nitrite level.
  • Including 63mm PVC unions with adaptors to 50mm/1½” fem. threading.
  • Including hose connectors 1½” – 40/32/25mm.

Technical specifications

Product code


UV-C lamp

Pond volume (L)

Max. flow (L/h)

Max. pressure


AOP Compact Ozone + UV-C LP

75 Watt



1 Bar


Catalogi Xclear Site 2021 EN

Xclear Water catalog 2022

The Xclear Water catalog of 2022 is filled with our UV-C systems for a clear pond. From small to larger ponds, we have the perfect solution to disinfect any kind of pond water. 

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