UV-C purifiers for (professional) ponds bigger than 75.000 liters (75 m³)

These UV-C purifiers are specially designed for professional ponds with a volume over 75.000 liters. They all have their own technical specifications and can be used under different circumstanses. So there is always one that fits your needs.

  • The Master Blaster Pro UV-C is designed to treat highly polluted pond water and is also often used in aqua culture projects. The Master Blaster is a result of many years of experience in the industrial process water treatment.
  • The Professional UV-C Ø110 is the best solution for situations to reduce head pressure losses.
  • The Jumbo Tech UV-C purifier is designed for ponds where a guaranteed contact time with UV-C is necessary.
  • The Pro UV-C purifier is the driving force for large (professional) pond installations.
  • The Pro Buster UV-C is suitable for large pond and aquaculture projects up to 450.000 liters. This UV-C purifier is known for it’s disinfection power when the maximum is requested from the use of UV-C.
  • Submersible UV-C lamps have a big advantage compared to conventional UV-C units: no pressure loss.
  • The 130 watt amalgam UV-C purifiers are suitable for environments where consistency of powerful radiation is required at all times.