TL Bulbs

Item no. Brand Model Box Type Base
3903556 Philips TUV TL-MINI 4W FAM 25 TL I
3903557 Philips TUV TL-MINI 6W FAM 25 TL I
3903558 Philips TUV TL-MINI 8W FAM 25 TL I
3903559 Philips TUV TL-MINI 10W 1SL T8 25 TL I
3903563 Philips TUV TL-MINI 11W FAM 25 TL I
3903560 Philips TUV TL-MINI 15W 1SL T8 25 TL I
3903574 Philips TUV TL-MINI 16W 25 TL I
3903561 Philips TUV TL-MINI 25W 1SL T8 25 TL I
3903564 Philips TUV TL-MINI 30W 1SL T8 25 TL I
3903565 Philips TUV TL 36W SLV 6 TL I
3903562 Philips TUV TL 55W 1SL HO T8 6 TL I
3903570 Philips TUV TL 75W HO T8 6 TL I
3903070 VGE TL 25W T8 25 TL I
3903071 VGE TL 30W T8 25 TL I
3903072 VGE TL 55W T8 25 TL I

PL Bulbs

Item no. Brand Model Box Type Base
3903005 Philips TUV PL-S 5W/2P  10 PLS-S  A
3903009 Philips TUV PL-S 7W/2P  10 PLS-S  A
3903010 Philips TUV PL-S 9W/2P  10 PLS-S  A
3903013 Philips TUV PL-S 9W/4P  10 PLS-S  –
3903020 Philips TUV PL-S 11W/2P  25 PLS-S  A
3903030 Philips TUV PL-S 18W/4P  25 PL-L  B
3903033 Philips TUV PL-S 24W/4P  25 PL-L  B
3903040 Philips TUV PL-S 36W/4P  1 PL-L  B
3903050 Philips TUV PL-S 55W/4P  1 PL-L  B
B212012 Philips Replacement module 12W 230V  1 PL-S  J
B212012 USA Philips Replacement module 15W 120V  1 PL-S  J
4600003 Philips Replacement lamp Aetaire  1 PL-L  –
4610007 Philips TUV PL-L 60W/4P  1 PL-L  B
3903095 Philips TUV PL-L 95W/4P  1 PL-L  B
3903006 VGE PL-S 5W 2P  20 PL-S  A
3903011 VGE PL-S 9W 2P  20 PL-S  A
3903021 VGE PL-S 11W 4P  20 PL-S  A
3903034 VGE PL-S 18W 4P  25 PL-L  B
3903037 VGE PL-S 24W 4P  25 PL-L  B
3903045 VGE PL-S 36W 4P  25 PL-L  B
3903054 VGE PL-S 55W 4P  25 PL-L  B
E81406 LightTech PL-S 11W Compact4Pool  1 PL-S  –






T5 & T6 Bulbs

Item no. Brand Model Box Type Base
E800900  Philips  TUV 16W 4P-SE UNP  1  T5  C
E800901P  Philips  TUV 36T5 40W 4P-SE  1  T5  C
E800902P  Philips  TUV 36T5 HO 75W 4P-SE  1  T5  C
3903567  Philips  TUV 64T5 75W 4P-SE (1.56m)  1  T5  C
B280005  Philips  TUV Smart Cap 75W  1  T5  D
B280006  Philips  TUV Smart Cap 40W  1  T5  D
E800904  Philips  TUV XPT 130W 4P-SE Amalgam  1  T6  E
E801409  Philips  TUV XPT 325W HO-SE Amalgam  1  T6  E
3903022  LightTech  T5 11W 4P-SE  1  T5  C
E800901L  LightTech  T5 40W 4P-SE  1  T5  C
E800902L  LightTech  T5 75W 4P-SE  1  T5  C
F980007  LightTech  T6 130W 4P Amalgam  1  T6  E
F980115  LightTech  T6 200W 4P Amalgam  1  T6  E
4800070AM  VGE-LightTech  T5 40W 4P Amalgam  1  T5  C
4800082AM  VGE-LightTech  T5 80W 4P Amalgam  1  T5  C
3903073  VGE  4P-SE 40W T5  25  T5  C
3903074  VGE  4P-SE 75W T5  25  T5  C

UNIT Specific Lamps

Item no. Brand Model Box Type Base
F980065  VGE – LightTech  T5 16W 4P-SE  1  T5  G
F980068  VGE – LightTech  T5 40W 4P-SE, length 365mm (short)  1  T5  F
F9800002  VGE – LightTech  T5 40W 4P-SE  1  T5  F
F9800004  VGE – LightTech  T5 75W 4P-SE  1  T5  F
F980078BU  VGE – LightTech  T5 40W 4P-SE  1  T5  G
F980079BU  VGE – LightTech  T5 75W 4P-SE  1  T5  G
4800033  VGE – LightTech  T5 75W 4P-SE Ozone  1  T5  H
3903025  VGE  – LightTech  T6 325W 4P-SE Amalgam  1  T6  E
B280002  Blue Lagoon – LightTech  T5 40W lonizer, length 635mm (short)  1  T5  K
B280001  Blue Lagoon – LightTech  T5 75W lonizer, lenght 645mm (short)  1  T5  K
F980086  VGE  Replacement lamp Delta EA-3H-5 / 35W  50  T5  C
F980080  VGE  Replacement lamp Delta EA-3/4H-10 / 45W  50  T5  C
F980082  VGE  Replacement lamp Delta EA-4/4H-20 / 90W  50  T5  C
F980084  VGE  Replacement lamp Delta EA-4H-40 / 110W  60  T5  C
F980088  VGE  Replacement lamp BIO-UV 10 / 38W  50  T5  C
F980090  VGE  Replacement lamp BIO-UV 20 / 59W  50  T5  C
F980092  VGE  Replacement lamp BIO-UV 30 / 87W  50  T5  C
F980094  VGE  Replacement lamp BIO-UV 40 / 102W  60  T5  C
F980102  VGE Pro – LightTech SPT 140W 867mm  1  T6  L
F980103  VGE Pro – LightTech  SPT 200W 1115mm  1  T6  L
F980107  VGE Pro – LightTech  SPT 40W 389mm  1  T5  L
F980108  VGE Pro – LightTech  SPT 75W 867mm  1  T5  L
F980109  VGE Pro – LightTech  SPT 75W 680mm  1  T5  L

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