Xclear Profi-HeaterThe Xclear Profi-Heater is a professional stainless steel pond heater.

To raise the temperature of 1 m3 water in 1 hour by 1°C needs about 1.000 kcal. This formula is only an indication, as the temperature also depends on surface area and any insulation that may be present. All models have been fitted with an adjustable thermostat that can be regulated up to 40?C. The heating element with the temperature probe, as well as the inside of the casing are made of high-quality stainless steel. Profi-Heaters can be connected using pond tubing or PVC tubing. Comes with fittings.


Item no. Type Consumption (Watt)
Max. Flow (L/h)
Pond size (liters)
6900455 Profi-Heater 1 kW (860 kcal/h) 1000 20.000 5.000
6900456 Profi-Heater 2 kW (1720 kcal/h) 2000 20.000 10.000
6900457 Profi-Heater 3 kW (2580 kcal/h) 3000 20.000 15.000
Download the Profi-Heater manual (pdf, 3 mb)

Where to buy this Xclear product?

Our passion is to keep improving our UV-C purifiers, pond filters and pond supplies. That’s why we focus on that and and let our dealernetwork do what they can do best: create the best service and user experience. So please look for a Xclear dealer near you. Isn’t there one? Contact us and we will help you.

To locate Xclear pond products for sale online, an internet search for Xclear and the appropriate type, may yield results.