Marine UV-C


The Marine UV-C purifier is very suitable to treat water in salt water applications like sea water tanks.


  • Ensures fresh, clean and clear water.
  • Widely used for water treatment in aquaculture, agriculture and sea water tanks, but can be used in any type of water.
  • Special reactor made of extra UV-C stabilized PVC.
  • Including a Philips High Performance low pressure Smart Cap UV-C lamp.
  • Provides 360° installation possibilities
  • Flexible installation options with 63/50mm glue connections.
  • Reactor shape ensures optimal installation flexibility.
  • Disinfects marine water efficiently and safely.
  • Protects your marine water from germs.
  • Including 1½” female threading.
  • Including hose tails 25/32/40mm.


Item no. Type UV-C Lamp Pond volume (L) Max. flow (L/h) Max. Press. Length (cm)
XH10402 Marine UV-C 40 W 40Watt T5 Smart Cap 40.000 10.000 2 bar 100
XH10752 Marine UV-C 75 W 75Watt T5 Smart Cap 75.000 15.000 2 bar 100

Where to buy this Xclear product?

Our passion is to keep improving our UV-C purifiers, pond filters and pond supplies. That’s why we focus on that and and let our dealernetwork do what they can do best: create the best service and user experience. So please look for a Xclear dealer near you. Isn’t there one? Contact us and we will help you.

To locate Xclear pond products for sale online, an internet search for Xclear and the appropriate type, may yield results.