Filter supplies

Xclear Filter media Bio Balls

High quality Bio Balls with a unique shape for biological filtration
and a better water partition (trickle filters). High quality materials
for long life span. Various sizes, specially made for pond use.
Total surface: 8797mm², protected surface: 7037 mm².


Item no. Type Content
4902021 Bio Balls Container 5 L
4902611 Bio Balls Bag 10 L
4902017 Bio Balls 30mm Big bag (± 72.000 pieces)

Xclear Bio Blocks

Useful bacteria growing on the huge surface area provided by these
filter elements, converts harmful toxic fish wastes into relatively
harmless by-products which are then removed by the plants or water
changes. Size: Ø50 mm, height: 29 mm, total surface: 18897mm²,
protected surface: 11338 mm².





Item no. Type Content
4902613 Bio Blocks Bag 10 L (± 90 pcs.)
4902629 Bio Blocks Bag 25 L (± 225 pcs.)
4902010 Bio Blocks Bag ± 500 pcs.
4902015 Bio Blocks Bag ± 2.000 pcs.
4902029 Bio Blocks Big Bag ± 16.000 pcs.

Where to buy these Xclear products?

Our passion is to keep improving our UV-C purifiers, pond filters and pond supplies. That’s why we focus on that and and let our dealernetwork do what they can do best: create the best service and user experience. So please look for a Xclear dealer near you. Isn’t there one? Contact us and we will help you.

To locate Xclear pond products for sale online, an internet search for Xclear and the appropriate type, may yield results.