Anti Algae Copper Electrolyzer

Xclear Anti Algae Copper electrolyzerAn ideal and effective method against (blanket)weed. The Copper Electrolyzer is installed before the pond return inlet. The pond water flows through the Copper Electrolyzer unit. A copper unit, or Electrolyzer, is positioned within the housing, and the copper unit discharges a minimal amount of copper into the water flowing through the housing.

These copper ions (Cu2+) in the water have a positive charge and destroy the cell walls of algae, bacteria, viruses and other primitive organisms. As the cell wall is thereby damaged, these organisms are no longer able to take up any nutrients, and are therefore unable to multiply. The process of applying a positive charge to copper is called copper electrolysis.

Please note: (too much) copper is harmful for fish!

Item no. Type In- / Outlet
Max. Dosage
3300029 Copper Electrolyzer 50 mm 0.7 ppm

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