2- & 3-Way cylinder valve (automatic)

automatic 2- & 3-way valvesThe Xclear ABS automatic cylinder valves have a robust, fibreglass reinforced, cylinder. Comes in different models for various applications i.e. suction and pressure pipes, technical filter rooms, valve sets, solar systems etc. Available in 24 volt and 230 volt, 63 mm or 2” solvent connections, 2- or 3-way and as solar- or non-solar version. Due to the simple design and separate available service sets the valves are easy to service on location. The separate available unions make the valve easy to mount/dismount for service and maintenance.

• Speed: 0.4 rpm at 50 Hz.
• 230 VAC or 24 VAC 50 / 60 Hz.
• Max. working pressure: 3 bar.


Xclear 2- & 3-way valves

Item no. Type Size Box
4053733 2-way Cylinder Valves 63 mm 6 pcs.
4053734 3-way Cylinder Valves 60 mm 6 pcs.
4053735 3-piece coupling fitting 63 mm 6 pcs.

automatic 2- & 3-way valves

Item no. Type Size
B200033AUTO2 Automatic 2-way cylinder valves 24V 63 mm
B200033AUTO Automatic 2-way cylinder valves 230V 63 mm
B200035AUTO2 Automatic 3-way cylinder valves 24V 63 mm
B200035AUTO Automatic 3-way cylinder valves 230V  60,3 mm
B200035AUTO1 Automatic 3-way cylinder valves 230V Solar  60,3 mm

Download the manual cylinder valves (pdf, 12 mb).

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