Disinfection products for nail salons

Safe for customers

Nail salons want to welcome their customers in a clean salon. A nail salon is normally a busy space with a lot of turnover of customers. This also means many customers who can leave pathogenic microorganisms on surfaces and in the (exhaled) air. Since dirt often and easily occurs when treating nails, it is more difficult to clean this properly between customers. Quickly cleaning the coffee table with cleaning products is not really an option. Still, you would like to offer a clean table to your customers. UV-C is the perfect solution for this.

Nagelstudio Xclear Kl

Why use UV-C to disinfect?

An Xclear UV-C technology driven unit can be the perfect solution for a clean nail salon. It makes it possible to easily clean surfaces between customers, such as the salon table. You can just radiate the table with UV light. The radiation damages the DNA of pathogenic microorganisms so it is impossible for them to reproduce. Causing a stop in further spread and contamination. The same technique can be used to disinfect the air in the salons.