Hotels and restaurants

A safe stay

When visiting a hotel or restaurant, it is important that guests feel at ease. That they can safely enjoy their evening or overnight stay without having to worry about possible pathogens or contamination. Good cleaning is very important for this. When cleaning does not only have to be polished, in order to create a really safe environment during this time, it is important that disinfection is done. Pathogens can occur anywhere: in the air, in water or on surfaces. And these are difficult to control with cleaning products, let alone eliminate them completely.

Horeca Xclear Kl

Why use UV-C to disinfect?

Quick and safe results are guaranteed with Xclear UV solutions. Xclear uses UV-C technology to safely disinfect surfaces and air. By disinfecting the air in the ventilation system, you can prevent airborne contamination in rooms. But also consider surfaces that can be a source of pathogenic microorganisms: dining tables, handles, bedside tables, etc. The microorganisms attach themselves to the surface and can often remain here for a longer period of time. UV radiation is a reliable way to inactivate these microorganisms and prevent further spread and contamination. It damages the DNA and makes sure that the microorganisms are unable to reproduce and in the most favorable case, are immediately death.


For a safe way to disinfect water in hotels we recommend our brand VGE Pro: