Health care

Disinfection is key

The importance of disinfection has been clear for years in the healthcare sector. It is a very important way when it comes to minimizing pathogenic microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. It is important for both employees and patients that there is a safe and clean environment in which to work or to be treated. Often in this sector use is made of cleaning products that can be less effective. Instead of inactivating the microorganisms, they are often spread further. Treatment of air and surfaces with an Xclear UV unit is the perfect solution to ensure a safe and disinfected environment.

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Why use UV-C to disinfect?

In the healthcare sector they know that disinfection is of great importance. In some regions they already work with UV light to disinfect but there is stil a great deal to be done. Disinfecting with UV technology is a proven method to get great, safe and reliable results. Xclear UV units can disinfect up to a 100% if used correctly. The UV light damages the DNA of all kinds of microorganisms. They inactivate the microorganisms and make it impossible for them to reproduce. This means that further spread and contamination can be prevented. This counts for microorganisms in air but also on all kind of surfaces or even in water (check for water solutions).