Disinfection products for hair salons

Work in a safe environment

In a hair salon there is a constant coming and going of customers. This means a constant supply of microorganisms that can end up on products from customers, but also vice versa. Chairs that are used all day, scissors, combs, brushes, etc. After each customer, the surfaces and products should be cleaned with a cleaning agent to prevent possible contamination for the new customer. Contrary to UV-C light, cleaning agents can damage these surfaces and products. Scissors can rust, chairs can peel off their top layer. And to think that cleaning products often do not disinfect, so there is still a risk of contamination.

Kapster Xclear Kl

Why use UV-C disinfection?

Xclear uses UV technology in their units for safe and reliable disinfection. The UV-C radiation penetrates into the DNA of microorganisms where it damages the DNA. Because of this damage, the microorganisms can no longer reproduce and in the most favorable case they die. In both cases it ensures that they can no longer reproduce, which prevents further spread.

Unlike cleaning agents, UV light does not affect the surface and ensures 100% disinfection if being used correctly. It's a safe and quick way to disinfect all kinds of products and surfaces.