Disinfection products for fitness center

Workout in a safe environment

A gym or fitness center can be a great source of pathogenic microorganisms. Due to the efforts of customers, breathing is heavy and there is equipment used by multiple people everywhere. Contamination by those microorganisms can easily happen because of this.

Especially right now it is important to keep a fitness center a safe place for training and workouts. This means that the equipment should be clean and safe from pathogens. But also the air must be free of any contamination.

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Why use UV-C to disinfect?

Normally the equipment in fitness centers are being cleaned with cleaning detergent. This can certainly be a good solution in the short term, but there is still a risk of disease spreading. The detergent often spread the microorganisms instead of eliminating them. 

UV technology makes sure that equipment and air are completely disinfected. By adding a UV system in the air installation, the air is being disinfected and free of pathogenic microorganisms before it enters the rooms in the fitness center. And after a workout, the equipment can be safely disinfect with UV light to make sure that no microorganisms stays behind and causes any contamination. Its a safe and reliable way to offer customers a safe place to train.