Disinfection products for dentists

Hygienic environment

Dental practices are places where hygiene is paramount. Because of the work, it is important that the areas are clean and safe for use. Within this work, a spread of microorganisms easily occurs through, for example, saliva on surfaces and through exhaled air. Given the current circumstances in which we live, it has become even more important to provide a work environment free of pathogens. The instruments in dental practices are already well disinfected, but the rooms, chairs and the circulated air are often still lagging behind. Only detergent cannot be used to disinfect well enough.

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Why use UV-C to disinfect?

Disinfection with UV-C means reliability and that is something that is very important in this sector. A UV unit can get up to 100% of disinfection results, if uses correctly. By placing an UV unit in the air system, the air is safe and disinfected so no employees or customers will be contaminated. 

The same counts for the chairs, tables, etc. in the treatment room. Microorganisms can attach themselves to anything and it cannot be seen with the naked eye whether they are there. By using UV-C light the radiation damages the DNA of (pathogenic) microorganisms so it is impossible for them to reproduce and preventing further spreading and contamination.