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A car is sometimes difficult to clean properly on the inside, let alone disinfect it completely. With a car rental company, it is important to return the car to a new renter clean after each rental. And with current circumstances it is even more important that the car is disinfected and hygienically clean. Complete disinfection is difficult to achieve with general cleaning agents. In many cases, pathogenic microorganisms are spread instead of inactivated, so that contamination can still occur.

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Why use UV-C to disinfect?

Xclear offers a quick solution to disinfect the inside of a car after rental, before purchase or even after a visit to the garage. Xclear uses UV-C technology to disinfect all kinds of surfaces in a safe and reliable way. The UV radiation doesn't effect the material inside the car but makes disinfection possible. It damages the DNA of the harmful microorganisms and prevents further reproduction and thus contamination.