Disinfection products for beauty salons

Clean environment

Customers come to a beauty salon to be pampered. And a clean and hygienic environment is very important here. Tables and treatment chairs have to be cleaned often between customers. Cleaning agents can often spread the pathogenic microorganisms rather than eliminate them. It is important to create a sense of security for employees to receive their customers in a clean environment.

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Why use UV-C to disinfect?

The goal is to achieve the highest possible cleaning method: disinfection. By disinfecting you can be sure that there will be no further spread of pathogens. The units of Xclear use UV technology to disinfect. In this case it can either be the air in the beauty salon that can be disinfected as well as the surfaces in the rooms, such as the table, desks, lamps etc. 

The UV radiation penetrates into the DNA of the pathogenic microorganisms. It damages the DNA to make sure that they either die or can no longer reproduce. In both cases the change of further contamination is being prevented.